For & on behalf of George Koch & Sons (Europe)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Burnaston, Derbyshire
– 2014, 2015, 2016

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Koch is a world leader in the design, construction and installation of finishing systems and other specialty industrial equipment . KOCH's innovation, engineering excellence and project management expertise has made them a leading choice of over 1,200 quality-driven manufacturers in nearly 40 countries: Ford Motor Company, Nissan, General Motors, Bentley, B.M.W., Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, to name but a few have selected George Koch Sons for their innovative, high-quality, high-value solutions to their e-coat,powder, liquid and wood finishing needs.

In the summer of 2014 we were delighted to secure our first contract within the car manufacturing world from George Koch & Sons at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Burnaston - a site virtually on our doorstep!

Driscoll’s scope of works was to install thermal insulation and bespoke sheet metal cladding to the replacement Primer Oven, Fresh Air Exhaust Ductwork RTO Project. This was a major ‘shutdown’ project, having to be managed under rigorous and extreme time schedules and working conditions. There were complex and technical shapes, especially to the heat exchnager units and burner boxes.

  • The cylindrical ductwork was insulated with stone wool, stainless steel wired mattress held in position with stainless steel bands.
  • The rectangular ductwork was insulated with mineral wool slab held in position by capacitor discharge stud welding pins, supplied and fitted by Driscolls.
  • The hot cylindrical ductwork - approx 350degC - was insulated with multiple layers of Superwool fibre blanket held in position with stainless steel bands.
  • All insulated ductwork and plant was finished with bespoke alu-zinc sheet metal cladding, fabricated in Driscolls workshop, fixed into position with steel pop rivets.
  • All expansion compensators were fitted with bespoke, removable, high temperature, silicone-free thermal covers.

This contract was exacting in the extreme and therefore we were more than excited to be part of the team that helped George Koch and Sons achieve the Safety Excellence Award given as recognition of fine work and a sound health & safety culture.

On the back of this work we have carried out several other projects at Toyota for Koch, with us being honored with being the first sub- contracted company to receive the Health & Safety Award directly from Toyota in recognition of our excellent health & safety culture on the Summer 2015 shutdown Link to the award